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Volumetric and material density analysis of multiple tissues

Simultaneous evaluation of multiple tissues within a mouse scanned in vivo at 150 um resolution. From left to right: contour of the mouse; muscle in transparent red superimposed upon the skeleton; adipose tissue in transparent yellow superimposed upon the skeleton.

Evaluation of multiple tissues at the sacrum. Bone is shown in white, muscle in transparent red, and fat in transparent yellow.

Visceral and Subcutaneous fat evaluation in abdominal region (76 µm)

A sagittal (left panel) and coronal (right panel) view of a mouse body scanned by in vivo microcomputed tomography. The skeleton was superimposed upon the adipose tissue (gray) to allow for greater spatial clarity. The abdominal VOI, in which the separation between subcutaneous (yellow) and visceral (red) fat was performed, was defined by precise skeletal landmarks.

Representative images from three different animals with either low, intermediate, or high adiposity. Subcutaneous fat is shown in yellow, visceral fat in red.

Analysis of Distal Metaphysis Femur (20 µm)

Temporal changes in trabecular and cortical bone morphology of the distal mouse femur scanned at baseline (left), after 3wk of disuse (center), and following 3wk of reambulation (right). Trabecular and cortical bone quantity and microarchitecture are evaluated by an automated algorithm that does not require user intervention.

Tumor visualization in bladder (20 µm)

MicroCT images obtained from two different mice in which the contrast of specific tissues was enhanced with contrast agents (left). Segmented 3D tomographies of tumors within the bladder are shown on the right.