The VivaCT75 is a high-resolution microCT scanner that reconstructs 2D images into a 3D tomography to describe the morphology and micro-architecture of hard/soft tissues and fluids in small animal models.

VivaCT75 Specifications

High Speed, High Resolution in vivo MicroCT Scanner Cone-Beam Geometry

Resolution: 20-156 µm nominal isotropic
Specimen Size: FOV 40 to 78 mm
Max. Scan Length: 145 mm
Software: Complete imaging and evaluation solution, data acquisition, sophisticated 2D/3D evaluation, 3D-visualization/animation, FE analysis

VivaCT75 Applications

  1. High quality 3D images in vivo and ex vivo
  2. Volumetric and density analysis of multiple tissues
  3. Evaluation of visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue
  4. Micro-architectural analysis of bone
  5. Shape, size, and density evaluation of tumors