No more Materials and Requisition Forms are needed.

At the end of every month, an electronic invoice will be generated and sent to your lab representative via email.

Stony Brook University users: Please print out the last page of the invoice and return via campus mail to UNIVERSITY DNA SEQUENCING FACILITY at Z=8085, with an authorized signature and proper grant number.

Outside users: Your invoice will also be sent via email. Return this invoice attached with a check (for the full amount due) payable to SUNY Stony Brook IFR#910076 within three weeks of receiving the invoice. Please send only the full amount due since we are no longer accepting credit accounts.

For labs that have someone other than the Principal Investigator responsible for billing, you need to notify the facility as to where you would like the invoices to be emailed.

We ask that you return invoices to the facility in a timely fashion. Labs with outstanding balances may be disabled from our system and no services will be rendered until payment is received.

***Note: It is your responsibility to check your emails and to make sure that you do not delete the invoice that we have sent you.