Sample Preparation Guidelines

Work under clean conditions and wear gloves at all times. Make new solutions ('old' solutions might be contaminated with Keratin).

Gel-specific guidelines

We prefer pre-cast gels, as they are less contaminated with Keratins. Gels should be stained with fresh filtered Coomassie stain. Silver stain (we recommend SilverQuest Silver Staining Kit) or Sypro Ruby works as well. Use a clean staining tray (10 or 15cm tissue culture dishes work great!). Do not use a staining tray also used for western blots. Always keep the gel covered. Do not touch the gel with bare hands (always wear gloves)! After staining/destaining please put the gel into water.

Scan the gel and mark the bands you are interested in (even if you decide to do the next steps yourself, we need to see a scan of the gel). This helps us to determine at what sensitivity levels we have to work at.

If you cut out gel bands for yourself, place the gel on a clean, new sheet of transparencies, cut the band with a clean razorblade into 1mm3 cubes and place them into a pre-washed centrifuge tube.

In-gel tryptic digest are performed as described here: In-gel tryptic digest protocol

We highly recommend to let us do the cut-out of bands and the in-gel tryptic digests. The more steps we do in the facility, the higher the chances of success!

Solution-specific guidelines

If you decide not to use gels for your proteomics experiments, please contact us.

Solution-based sample preparations have more limits (eg. no detergents!), but there are ways to make your samples masspec compatible with some easy steps.