Fee Schedule

Service Internal Rate
Prep HPLC $139.99 per injection
Sample Prep $90.10 per hour
Gel Services (1D/2D Gel Electrophoresis) $100.00 per hour
Protein ID (1D LC/MS/MS on LTQ) $150.00 per sample
Post-translational modification (PTM) analysis on LTQ $500.01 per sample
LTQ Mudpit (2D LC/MS/MS) $550.00 per sample
Orbitrap Mudpit (2D LC/MS/MS) $750 per sample
Mass analysis ESI (LTQ/TSQ) $90.01 per hour
Mass analysis ESI (Orbitrap) $190.02 per hour
Quantitation/targeted proteomics (MRM) on TSQ setup fee $824.99 per day
Sample analysis (TSQ) for MRM $90.00 per hour
MALDI-TOF analysis $90.00per hour
Additional Data Analysis $90.00 per hour
Biacore 2000 (self service) $40.00 per hour

All hourly charges are with a 30min. minimum.

For external rates, please call the Proteomics Center. Rates subject to change.